Used Cars Great Condition

Reid & Johnson Cars

At Reid & Johnson, every vehicle that we sell is QUALITY.  No junk sold here!

Reid & Johnson Cars are acquired through searching for late model, low mileage vehicles.  We pick these up through leasing companies, trade-ins, off-street purchases, select rental returns as well as other means.

Confident Buying with Auto Check

Having already done our homework, we put each and every vehicle through a thorough on-location condition report.  We also employ Auto Check (a vehicle history reporting agency) to discover / uncover potential issues.  

For complete transparency, we show each customer the Auto Check report before they purchase, so they know the history of the vehicle that are buying from us!

Complete Safety Inspection & Servicing

In addition to the Auto Check, our mechanic goes through every car and checks for safety and mechanical function.  We also service (belts, brakes, hoses, change oil, check lights, etc...) each car before it is made available to purchase.

Let us Search for You!

We want to become your "auto estate agent."  If we do not have the exact vehicle that you are looking for, let us know what you want and we will try to find a quality vehicle for you!

Reid & Johnson Trucks

Reid & Johnson Motors is a great place to find a quality, used truck on the Olympic Peninsula.  We typically have a wide range of makes and models of trucks from which you may choose.

We have a full range of pickups available, from economy models to full size, 1/2 or 3/4 ton and 4X4's.

Reid & Johnson Vans

It used to be that families wanted vans, but now many retired people are choosing them for comfort, economy and LOTS OF SPACE!  

Reid & Johnson Vans are acquired and tested just like our cars!

Reid & Johnson Commercial Vehicles

Reid & Johnson Commercial Vehicles are typically acquired from corporate lease returns and some rentals.

We will have all sorts of commercial vehicles on the lot: cargo vans of all sizes, flat beds, utility trucks (service bodied), bucket trucks and light duty dump trucks!

Reid & Johnson Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

SUVs have become (in many cases) the vehicle of preference for families.  Why?  Well, many "soccer moms" of today consider mini-vans to be a bit "dorky?" Hey!  If that fits you, come and check out our selection of SUVs!  If it doesn't fit you, we can put you in a car, truck or mini-van!

Reid & Johnson Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs - we've got 'em all!  Economy, 4 cylinder 2 wheel drives up to full size, V-8 4X4's.  We've got Toyotas, Hondas, Fords, Chevys and more!

Used Cars Great Condition